Why Go Rural?

Placements in Rural Communities

Rural communities are rich learning environments that offer students in health professional programs an opportunity to meet their discipline-specific learning objectives and develop competencies for interprofessional collaborative practice.

Undertaking a rural placement provides you with various benefits:
  • Get involved in the rural community
  • Connect with community practitioners and other health professional students
  • Opportunity to work with the interdisciplinary team
  • Enhance personal and professional development
In preparation for your placement, we suggest that you:

Rural Placement Experience 

You will get to undertake a unique professional rural placement experience and have an opportunity to put your knowledge and skills into practice.


Watch preceptors and students share their experiences and the benefits of working in rural and remote communities in British Columbia




Watch Ask Me Anything About Going Rural, a session for health professional students interested in learning more about rural placements ↓

Panelists shared their stories and highlighted how their rural placement experiences elevated their personal and professional development.