Welcome to the Rural Opportunities for Practice Education (ROPE) website, which provides resources that will help you prepare for a rural placement, rotation, or fieldwork experience.

Please explore the website as you consider whether or not to do a rural placement, and then come back time and time again to make use of the resources as you prepare for your placement and throughout your rural education experience.

Rural communities are rich learning environments that offer students in health professional programs an opportunity to meet their discipline-specific learning objectives as well as develop competencies for interprofessional collaborative practice.

This website draws together knowledge and experience from a large number of education and healthcare programs and rural practitioners. The Rural Coordination Centre of BC (RCCbc) can be great support for you if/when you engage in a rural placement.


Preceptors share their experiences and the benefits of working in rural and remote communities in British Columbia.

You can also hear what students say about working in rural and remote communities.

In preparation for your placement, we suggest that you:

  • Begin with the Student Orientation and complete each of the sections. Orientation is crucial to the success of your interprofessional placement.
  • Find out more about the community you’re going to and connect with the community (as well as other students) with the Community Map.
  • Revisit this section during your rural placement, as your learning and experience shapes your perspectives.
  • Use the Learning Objectives to guide yourself in developing your own.

Preceptors and Community Leads

We encourage you to regularly check in to the community discussion forums and engage with your students prior to their placement. This will help them prepare for their placement in your community and make the most of opportunities while they’re there.

We wish you all the best as you embark on your journey to a rural community. Thank you for grasping the ROPE!