Indigenous Cultural Safety Training

Supporting the healthcare system to be culturally safe for Indigenous Peoples is a top priority for healthcare providers. In 2015, all BC Health Authorities signed a Declaration of Commitment to advance cultural humility and cultural safety in the health system. In 2017, 23 health regulatory bodies in BC also signed the Declaration of Commitment.

The goal of cultural safety is for all people to feel respected and safe when interacting with the health system. We want people to access the care they need when they need it. We all share responsibilities to provide the best quality care possible and develop culturally safe practices. Cultural humility and cultural safety are significant parts of quality health care.

  • Recognizing and learning about the role of history and culture in shaping health and health care
  • Experiences in the community or region
  • Increasing your understanding about what wellness means for the people you serve
  • Ensuring that healthcare settings and processes reflect local Indigenous communities and cultures
  • Engaging in self-reflection to uncover and address your biases
  • Learn more about local Indigenous communities